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To support government authorities and offices.

Our e-government solutions.

Transparent structures and paperless processes make all the difference.

A comprehensive reform of government authorities, municipalities, county offices, and other administrative bodies has long been needed. Administrative staff are often overworked and processes are slow due to a lack of specialists. Efficient workflows are needed to effectively relieve employees and speed up the entire administrative process. Starting with legally compliant digital communication, end-to-end electronic document exchange, and transparent shipping, delivery, and internal distribution chains. We offer one-stop solutions. 

All FP applications are designed to integrate easily with existing processes and IT systems. Intuitive operation eliminates the need for training and makes it easy to use.

Efficient logistics tools.

For handling large volumes of parcels and mail.

Even for smaller municipalities, organizing incoming letters, registered mail and parcels can be a challenge. Exponential growth in parcel volume, delivery by internal and external parties, and a rising number of departments further complicate delivery and processing. The result is stress and more and more wrong deliveries. Without a digital tracking solution, finding missing parcels can be time-consuming. The solution can also be used to accurately document storage and distribution chains for inventory, such as rentals of expensive IT systems and accessories.

Configure parcel and mail workflows: Multiple organizations share an interface and use common lockers and delivery locations.

Flexible delivery: Whether you work from home or have a last-minute appointment, you can easily arrange for contactless delivery to the location of your choice.

Transparent event log: The application allows you to track delivery status in real-time (including timestamps) up to proof of delivery.

 Comprehensive search capabilities: Quickly locate parcels using multiple parameters such as tracking number, type of goods, carrier, and time window.


>> Our solution: FP TRAXsuite. The cloud-based application allows incoming parcels and registered mail to be systematically recorded, managed, and delivered internally. Scanpoints and bundled shipments bring efficiency and transparency to distribution chains, while the ability to deliver to smart mailboxes, where even expensive goods can be safely stored temporarily, gives employees complete flexibility. Another convenient feature is that when a letter is received for you, you will be notified by email as soon as it arrives.


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Electronic signature solutions.
For fast and legally binding document exchange.

Signatures are almost always required to submit applications and process contracts, invoices, and other documents. But it takes days, sometimes weeks, before they are available. This is compounded by the tedious and inefficient process of exchanging documents between different departments. Electronic documents have the potential to significantly speed up these processes. With the right application, they can be signed quickly and flexibly, allowing urgent policies to be approved anytime, anywhere. Compliance with regulations and high security standards ensures complete integrity protection, even for legal documents. In addition, paperless exchange reduces the authority’s environmental footprint.


Faster processing times: Digital contract signatures speed up administrative management and processes.

Legal compliance: Qualified electronic signatures with built-in verification checks ensure the integrity and authenticity of written pleadings.

Secure and sustainable: Comply with regulatory standards while reducing paper consumption and shipping orders.

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>> Our solution: FP Sign, a cloud-based signature solution that enables fast, compliant signing of electronic documents. Intuitive operation and clear presentation make the application extremely user-friendly. Track the status of electronically sent documents and manage your current processes and orders in a single, easy-to-use solution at any time.


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We process and coordinate all of your physical outbound mail – from printing to shipping.