Our signature solutions.

Simply safe. And fully digital – for more efficient processes.

End-to-end digital document processing. 

Secure, fast, and resource-efficient. 

Nowadays, use digital systems to manage, process, and communicate a great deal. However, if a signature is required, the digital process chain is often interrupted: Documents must be printed, signed, and scanned again. Hardly anyone uses fax anymore and the only alternative is mail. But it can be much faster and less complicated:
With the electronic signature, you can give your personal approval or confirmation simply and directly on a screen, thus creating an efficient workflow. Most importantly, qualified electronic signatures can be used to verify integrity (unalterability) and authenticity (binding association with a person) with absolute certainty. This creates clear conditions.

Fast and easy to use – open digital document and sign right away
Secure processing with TAN and additional identification

Streamlined, automated processes – a few clicks instead of many manual steps

Electronic signatures can be archived while saving space – unlike file folders
Comprehensive solutions from signing to verification to archiving
Reliable customer service – you can reach us 24/7

FP Sign

Mass signature

FP AutoSigner

Individual signature

FP OfficeSigner

Mass signature verification

FP AutoVerifier


FP HashSafe

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FP Sign

With our cloud solution, you – and optionally your contractual partner – can sign all types of agreements and business documents quickly and easily. The application is compatible with all end devices, giving you maximum flexibility. 

But security is our top priority: All our data centers are located in Germany and are BSI certified. Thanks to eIDAS compliance, we guarantee the highest level of legal and data protection. We also work with the Bundesdruckerei and Swisscom for authentication; additional signature information makes the signature uniquely qualified and therefore more secure than a handwritten signature. FP Sign offers you an intelligent, cross-industry signature solution.

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FP HashSafe

After signing comes storing: Archiving your documents in a way that preserves their evidentiary value is an essential part of the overall workflow. Once securely stored (including all signature information and hash values), archived documents have no expiration date. In short: FP HashSafe is your TR-ESOR-compliant and BSI-certified long-term archive (via SOAP or archive API) for qualified and advanced signatures – compatible with various operating systems and connected to DMS/ECM.


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FP AutoSigner

The server-based program is designed for automated mass signing: With FP AutoSigner, you can sign several hundreds of document copies with just a few clicks. However, the duplication of eIDAS-compliant signatures is subject to very strict security regulations. This is why electronic seals or personalized mass signature cards are used. Integrity is protected by advanced or qualified timestamps with hash value generation. Large volumes of legally compliant duplicate signatures can be generated in accordance with TR-RESISCAN, the technical guideline for revision-safe scanning. Most conveniently, you can also use FP AutoSigner directly on the scan client.

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FP OfficeSigner

Our complete solution for individual signatures: Sign individual documents electronically with advanced and qualified signatures. FP OfficeSigner also makes the processing of duplicate versions much more efficient: Thanks to the eIDAS-compliant batch signature, you can sign up to 99 documents with electronic seal and mass signature card in one go. The accredited timestamp protects your documents from unauthorized revision. Keyword: All-in-one. With FP OfficeSigner, you can not only create digital signatures, but also fully verify them. The integration in FP Sign, MS Outlook, Word, Open Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader & Co. simplifies handling and makes the application very user-friendly.


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FP AutoVerifier

With our mass signature verification, you can comprehensively verify the validity of thousands of digitally signed documents in as little as an hour-including advanced and qualified signatures with electronic seals. The FP AutoVerifier test is recognized and admissible in court. 

Ideal for long-term archiving: Use the application to verify incoming archives and easily create verification logs (even for multi-signed files) in accordance with eIDAS, the electronic legal regulation TR-ESOR, and electronic legal transaction laws (ERV). In addition, you can support your secure communication via beA, beBPo or De-Mail with a comprehensive additional check. 
This much is clear: with FP AutoVerifier, you have it all covered.

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