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Electronic legal transactions.

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Electronic legal transactions, also known as eJustice, refers to the use of information technology and digital communications in a legal context. Messages related to court proceedings, filings, and the legally required exchange of documents between courts and other parties are digitized and processed electronically. 

The goal of electronic legal transactions is to make processes more efficient, time-saving, and cost-effective by replacing paper documents with electronic files. It not only enables faster information transfer, but also simplifies file management and promotes transparency in the justice system.
Information and documents are exchanged via electronic mailboxes, which are digital filing systems that allow electronic messages and documents to be sent and received and stored for the short to medium term – and transferred to the archive for long-term storage. 

FP digital is the only De-Mail service provider accredited by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) that also offers connection to EGVP, eBO, and beBPo with the Gateway.

Multiple communication channels.
For different target groups.

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The portal solution for companies and government authorities.


This email technology provides secure and legally verifiable communication. The end-to-end encrypted exchange of information and legally protected deliveries can only take place between identified users. You have access to an online portal where you can send electronic messages, applications, contracts, and confidential documents quickly and easily – no additional hardware or software needed.


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For government authorities and public sector entities.

beBPo – based on EGVP infrastructure.

The special electronic mailbox for authorities (beBPo) is based on the existing EGVP infrastructure. It provides a secure transmission channel for the delivery of electronic documents and messages between government authorities and legal entities and courts. This communication channel is not only more efficient, but also more sustainable, cost-effective, and reliable than sending documents by mail. Legally compliant archiving of all transmitted data is also possible in accordance with the TR-ESOR Technical Guideline.


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For companies, organizations, and other professionals involved in proceedings.


The electronic citizen and organizations mailbox (eBO) creates a secure channel for exchanging digital documents and information between non-public institutions and courts. The communication system complies with all OSCI standards and can optionally be integrated into existing mail clients. Our BSI accreditation ensures the highest level of legal compliance. We offer the eBO solution in customized, transparent bundles.


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Our solution unifies all communication channels.

FP Mentana-Gateway.

With the Gateway, we offer you a standardized, scalable, and platform-independent solution for your EGVP, eBO, beBPo, and De-Mail: We connect the channels to your existing email infrastructure via plug-ins, thus enabling the highest level of secure communication – without any changes to the way you use them. You can send and receive end-to-end encrypted information through the familiar interface of your email program, send large file attachments, and benefit from a wide range of connectivity options to archive infrastructures.


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"The price/performance ratio is good. I was quickly impressed by the simplicity of the solution and, above all, by the opportunity to actively shape the solution."

Edward Darkwa - IT-Management, Beyersdorf

"By connecting to beBPo, we not only save a lot of time, but also postage and paper. Our employees can work much more efficiently."

Iris Frohns -Information and Communication Technology, District of Hildesheim

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