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Comprehensive solutions for communications, processes, and logistics.

We are a premium provider of digital applications and automation solutions to help you sustainably improve your business communications, processes, workflows, and logistics management.
Now you can receive, sign, archive and transmit electronic sensitive documents or information in an easy and legally compliant manner via the legally prescribed communication channel. 

At the same time, we print and send your physical mail and digitize incoming letters and all types of communications before intelligently processing and delivering the information to the recipient or securely archiving it.
You can also use the app to track internal deliveries and have parcels and registered mail delivered to the location of your choice.

With FP Digital, you get all this and more from a single source – easy, secure, and efficient.


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The Francotyp-Postalia Group.

As part of the FP Group, for over 100 years we have handled the challenges of digital transformation. We understand that many people know where they want to go, but often don’t know how to get there. That is why we have built our product portfolio to support businesses in every phase of transformation. 

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We are happy to consult and work with you personally to find the solution that will help you move forward.

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Signature solutions

Electronic signatures accelerates the digital document signature and approval process while reducing costs and errors. Advanced technologies ensure the security and integrity of electronically signed documents, making them legally binding and tamper-proof. 


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Electronic legal transactions

Companies, organizations, banks, insurance companies, legal service providers, government authorities, and other public institutions use electronic mailboxes and intelligent solutions such as our multi-client capable FP Mentana Gateway for legally compliant digital communication with courts.


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Mail processing

Our services streamline your inbound and outbound communication processes. We scan, record, process and digitally deliver all incoming information and sent documents to where they need to go. You can also outsource and automate manual tasks involved in processing your outbound mail and subsequent dispatch processes, saving you money and making your operations more efficient.


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Parcel shipping, management, and internal logistics

Tracking tools and online shipping applications allow you to manage the delivery and shipping of your inbound and outbound parcels securely and transparently. These solutions increase the speed and productivity of your shipping operations and reduce your logistics costs.


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We advise you on digitization strategies in the areas of communication and processes – from TR-ESOR-compliant data storage, TR-RESISCAN, and GDPR-compliant solutions to the technical guidelines of the BSI. We can help you plan, integrate, and document your FP solution for the long term.


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