Sending Letters is Easy: Digital, Fast Secure 

Printing, enclosing, and postage are a thing of the past – today you can send your daily mail quickly, personally, and easily!

Send letters faster and easyer, but also:

Significantly reduce costs: Reduce logistics, labor, materials, printing, and shipping costs without sacrificing efficiency. 

Save time: Save valuable time by sending mail directly and conveniently from your PC.

Save money: Save from the very first letter, no minimum spend or subscription, and only €0.97 per standard letter.

How it words:

1. Upload a document

From invoices and official letters to bulk letters, create your business mail as usual on your computer and simply upload your document as a PDF.

2. We print and stamp

In our print center, your document is printed on high-quality paper in the desired format, placed in an appropriate envelope, postmarked, and the finished letter is sent to Deutsche Post.

3. Delivery by Deutsche Post

Your letter is delivered to the recipient by Deutsche Post as usual. You can always check our web portal to see if a shipment has been dispatched. 

TransACTmail is the modern way to send letters. See how easy our tool is to use with a free test letter 

The all-in-one Solution for your Letter Service
transACTmail: Send letters for less

It’s all in the technology: transACTmail is a system that handles the entire mailing process, from uploading data and printing in brilliant quality to enveloping, postage, and dispatch. All for the price of postage! Unbeatable value.

We print and send your daily mail! Let us take care of your outbound mail and save you more than just the postage. Effective output management can also reduce costs for materials, printing, transportation, and administration. We produce, envelope, and mail your letters and mailings, both in cycles and individually, reliably and on time with Deutsche Post and alternative delivery services.

€0.97 per standard letter

Save with the very first letter, no minimum spend

Paper, envelope, postage, and personnel costs included

No subscription needed to save on fixed monthly costs

TransACTmail offers the fllowing benefits:

Maximum data security with ISO certification

Data security and privacy is a top priority for transACTmail. That’s why government authorities, municipal companies, and public utilities are among our most dedicated users. Delivery is reliably carried out by the Deutsche Post AG and is guaranteed to be fast and secure!

Send letters faster

Save yourself a trip to the mailbox! That’s not all – we automatically print, enclose, postage, and send your documents for you in just a few seconds after uploading them. This means your mail gets to the recipient even faster!

Easy and intuitive operation

Available anytime, even when working from home: Simply and conveniently upload PDF documents to transACTmail and order up to 10,000 shipments simultaneously with just a few clicks – day or night. Letter service of the future is that easy!

Reduce costs and save every day

Save from the very first letter: With transACTmail you pay only 97 cents per standard letter – with no monthly subscription and no minimum spend. Paper, printing, envelopes, postage, and labor are included. Secure your price advantage!

Send Letters in 30 Seconds:

Send up to 10,000 letters at a time

Fully automated document delivery

Custom print settings (e.g., color printing, double-sided printing)


Printet daily Post: high Value in the Business World today and tomorrow  

Printed letter will be an essential part of many institutions in the future. Invoices and reminder letters, in particular, are not official documents until they are printed on paper. Thanks to their tactile properties, letters have become an integral part of the business world – and will continue to be indispensable due to legal requirements in government authorities and business.

Are you looking for a reliable external partner for the day-to-day processing of your mail? Want to learn more about our custom printing and mailing solutions?

"I am very happy with TransAct Mail and the way it has increased the productivity of my work and saved me money. With this simple and easy-to-use service, I can now quickly send mail directly from my PC, saving me a tremendous amount of time and effort."

Phillip Schröder, Freelance Performance Marketing Manager

Still have questions? Find the answers here!

Can I send letters via transACTmail as a private person?

No, this offer is for business customers only.

How much does it cost to send mail?

The following shipping costs apply as of December 1, 2023:


Standard shipment
1-3 sheets,
printed on both sides, in color

Compact shipment
4-9 sheets,
printed on both sides, in color


0,97 EURO 1,80 EURO


1,45 EURO 2,75 EURO

Shipment consolidation per shipment

0,10 EURO 0,10 EURO

Franking per shipment

0,10 EURO 0,10 EURO

Paypal fees per shipment

0,35 EURO 0,35 EURO
What types of letters can be sent with transACTmail?
Currently, standard or compact letters are sent depending on the number of sheets.
I haven’t made up my mind – can I try out what transACTmail has to offer?
Yes, try sending a test letter to one recipient on our homepage without obligation.
What is the minimum number of letters I need to send using transACTmail?
transACTmail can be used to send a single letter.
What payment methods does transACTmail offer?
Payment can be made via PayPal, credit card or credit account. We also offer payment by invoice upon agreement.
How are letters postmarked?
Postage is carried out using a so-called IT franking (German DV-Freimachung), which is printed on the letter between the sender and recipient addresses.
Can I track my shipment?
You can see where your documents are in the process in the order summary.
Can I send letters with transACTmail even if I live abroad?
No, this option is not yet available.

Do you have any questions?