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Efficient organizational chains, legally compliant communication, and more.

Digital innovations are transforming healthcare, particularly in the areas of patient care, administration, research, and logistics. The demand for secure, cloud-based document management solutions is growing, and the need to reduce time spent on administrative tasks is clear. More efficient and reliable structures for communication and the procurement of medicines and materials need to be developed as quickly as possible to relieve the system and speed up processes in the long term. We provide the digital solutions.


Electronic signature solutions.
From admitting patients to ordering medications.

Few industries generate as many signatures as healthcare. Many formal requests, approvals, and coordination processes require the legally binding consent of one or more persons. Electronic signatures significantly accelerate processes between wards, with patients, organizations, suppliers, and other facilities.

One of the key requirements is to protect patient information and ensure data integrity during the digital signing process. Switching to electronically signed documents not only frees up space in the hospital’s overcrowded archives, but also helps meet environmental goals. Keyword: Green hospital. With less paperwork and faster processes, patient care is where it should be: In focus.

Eliminate inefficient processes and delays: Electronic signatures speed up administrative and patient documentation.

Maximum data security: Electronically signed documents guarantee full authenticity and integrity protection.

Sustainable and space-saving: Paperless processes support environmental goals and reduce the need for storage space. 


>> Our solution: FP Sign. The application can be easily integrated into existing IT systems. After a quick setup, you and your team will save valuable time through ongoing use: Documents are not only easier to access through the application, but can also be signed on the go (anytime, anywhere). As a secure cloud solution made in Germany, FP Sign offers hospitals, laboratories, medical services, organizations, and institutions a trustworthy platform for fast and secure signature processes.

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Preserve the evidentiary value of electronically signed documents.

Smart dispatch management.
Track medical records, medicines, and more.

Strict regulations also apply to the transportation of physical documents such as medical records. Large quantities of medical supplies and temperature-sensitive medications must be delivered every day. In the worst case, slow and inefficient logistics processes put patient safety at risk. Either way, they add unnecessary costs and reduce the reliability of the entire delivery system. A transparent shipping solution supports standard medical care through timely delivery.

Logging and transparent tracking: Real-time tracking ensures compliance with strict dispatch regulations.

Efficient mailing order: Free routing and independent label printing speed up the delivery process.

Affordable rates: Choose the best mailing option among multiple carriers and services.

Reliable delivery tracking: The recipient is also informed about the timely and safe delivery.

Paketversand im Krankenhaus

>> Our solution: FP Parcel Shipping. Organize and manage your outbound parcel shipments with a secure, fast shipping solution. By simply creating your own digital shipping labels, you can specify the route and service for each shipment, and combine and coordinate your shipping orders to save time and money. Once your parcel is shipped, you can track its status all the way to delivery. Your recipient also receives status and tracking notifications – ideal for high-priority shipments.

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Transparent parcel and mail management.

For accurate inventory and fast distribution chains.

Lost or delayed deliveries can jeopardize medical care and put a strain on staff. Without an effective tracking tool and controllable checkpoints, there is a risk of delivery discrepancies and incorrect medication inventory levels. Accurately recording, documenting, and managing incoming goods, medicines, lab samples, and medical supplies brings clarity to the entire operations management process: Know the exact location, record the actual scope of the delivery, and automatically compare it with the imported order. 

Regulatory compliance: Verifiable documentation of incoming samples and medical devices.

Ensure medication safety by accurately tracking shipments, timestamps, status changes, and inventory updates.

Total visibility: Search and filter deliveries in the system and check for completeness and location history.

Comprehensive data analysis: Identify weaknesses, reallocate resources, and optimize processes.


>> Our solution: FP TRAXsuite. The cloud-based application speeds up processing with real-time tracking and flexible delivery options. Because delivery discrepancies can be identified immediately upon receipt of the goods, you can immediately arrange for a replacement or reorder. FP TRAXsuite lets you customize workflows and automate complex distribution chains.

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