FP TRAXsuite tracks all deliveries.

Know what is ready for pickup when and where.

FP TraxSuite.

For internal parcel management and logistics delivery processes – simple, clear, and efficient.

FP TRAXsuite is a cloud-based tracking solution that accurately records and systematically documents all incoming mail, registered mail, and parcels. The technology links inbound mail to the appropriate recipient and provides real-time status, location, and history. Authorised users can monitor and manage your shipments transparently through the online interface.

And it’s not just for mail and parcels: FP TRAXsuite can record, track, and manage a wide variety of goods and items, laboratory samples, pre-ordered meals or confidential files, including last mile delivery. With controllable checkpoints, the tool provides maximum visibility and security for internal logistics and distribution chains. 

Once registered in the system within seconds, the subsequent delivery process is efficient and straightforward: The recipient receives automatic notifications at various scan points, and no specific hardware is needed. Scanning is possible with scanning devices or mobile phones. As an option, FP TRAXsuite can be easily combined with intelligent parcel lockers, giving you the flexibility to adapt the solution to your work or weekly schedule.


Increases processing speed, team satisfaction, productivity, and efficiency.

Reduces error rates, inquiries, time, and costs.

Improves monitoring chain, reliability, traceability, and regulatory compliance.

Enables audit trails, automated workflows, and binding proof of delivery.

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Who benefits?

The cloud-based solution benefits businesses of all sizes, as well as facilities that receive packages on a regular basis (e.g., office environments, apartment complexes, or student housing). You can automate workflows and customize FP TRAXsuite to meet your specific needs, including the delivery method: As the recipient, you can either pick up the parcel at the drop-off location, have it delivered to you personally, or have it delivered to any location, including intelligent parcel stations.

How FP TRAXsuite works.
Overview of the process & options.

The workflow

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The recipient receives an automatic notification.

TRAX scheme original_Envelope_red

The parcel is delivered, directly scanned, and recorded by FP TRAXsuite.

TRAX scheme original_Box and the scanner_red

The FP TRAXsuite label with delivery details can now be printed.

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Flexible delivery methods

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The recipient picks up the parcel in person (proof of delivery: signature).

TRAX scheme original_Man holding the box_red

The parcel is delivered to the recipient (proof of delivery: signature).

TRAX scheme original_Man delivers a box_red

The parcel is delivered to the requested delivery location (proof of delivery: QR code).

TRAX scheme original_Door_red

The parcel is dropped off at a parcel station (proof of delivery: unique PIN code).

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Key features

/ Internal monitoring and management of deliveries
/ Automatic notifications
/ Transparent activity report with audit trail
/ Barcode scanning
/ Targeted parcel search
/ User administration

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