Reliable partner for digitalizing your processes

Get to know - and love - our digital solutions.

Professional consulting.

We help our customers digitize and secure documents and processes. In doing so, we focus on how to use and benefit from electronic signatures.

Reliable partner for digitalizing your processes

During the digitalization consultation, we discuss and develop with you your process definitions and process requirements, as well as the possible integration of components into existing applications and workflows.

Value-driven consulting

Integrate signature software into workflows

Define and conduct technical workshops

TR-ESOR compliant storage and preservation of evidence

TR-RESISCAN from planning to certification in individual modules

Consulting for conformity testing of scanning software according to TR-RESISCAN
Electronic legal transactions with the electronic court and administration mailbox (EGVP), special electronic mailbox for authorities (beBPo), and De-Mail
GDPR-compliant digitization and archiving

FP Sign

Legally compliant signing without hardware or software

Mass signature

eIDAS-compliant mass signature for electronic seal and personalized mass signature cards, which can be used for TR-RESISCAN

Archiving with evidence preservation

TR-ESOR-compliant archiving with preservation of signatures beyond the validity of algorithms

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