Legally compliant electronic document delivery.

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The electronic citizen and organizations mailbox.

The eBO is used by companies and organizations, as well as all types of consulting and legal services providers (see detailed target groups below), to send sensitive information and electronic files to courts and to receive documents served by the court directly. The eBO has been in place since 2022, which is based on the established communication system EGVP (electronic court and administration mailbox). Starting in 2024, all professionals involved in proceedings will be required to set up an eBO to receive electronic documents.

100% legally compliant We are a BSI-accredited service provider and official solution partner for digital court communications; 
OSCI standard solutions with optional secure archiving.

Easy handling – The eBO’s mail client integration eliminates the need for a second online mailbox to send and receive electronic documents in a legally compliant manner and includes attachments up to 200 MB.

Min. 500 messages per month - Maximum flexibility with your message volume, simultaneous use of multiple mailboxes and telephone support at any time; a transparent offer with no hidden costs.

On a legal basis.
User efficiency.

The eBO is based on the German Law on the expansion of electronic legal transactions with the courts: It stipulates that users only have to identify themselves once when creating an eBO, e.g., at a local notary or via an electronic seal. In addition, sending from the eBO is considered a substitute for written form. This is not only sustainable, but also efficient: You save paper and postage, and no longer have to worry about qualified signatures and complicated delivery methods.

Transmitting only digital documents (exchange without media discontinuity) significantly reduces the volume of files for all parties involved. Applications, written statements, severance and termination agreements, financial documents, and hearing schedules can all be sent quickly, easily, securely (end-to-end encrypted), and electronically. To completely eliminate the possibility of manipulation, the sender and recipient must be uniquely identified, and the transmitted content must be cryptographically protected against subsequent alteration.

Electronic legal transactions also make court proceedings safer by eliminating error-prone media disruptions. In addition, communication is verifiable and binding because document content cannot be falsified and deliveries cannot be lost in the mail.

Economy and companies

Debt collection service provider

Industrial companies

Medium-sized companies

Finance and insurance sector

Legal costs insurance

Banks (whether private banks, non-public association partners or cooperative banks)

Organizations and associations

Healthcare (esp. hospitals)

Trade unions

Consumer advice centers

Professional associations and representative bodies

Other associations

Professional specialists and service providers


Pension consultants


Patent attorneys


Legal guardians

In addition to eBO, there are other electronic mailboxes that are based on the EGVP infrastructure: Government authorities and legal entities under public law use beBPo, the special electronic mailbox for authorities. Notaries communicate with courts using the beN (special electronic notary mailbox) and lawyers, in particular, send their electronic pleadings via the beA (special electronic lawyer mailbox). As of 2023, tax advisors are also required to exchange documents electronically using the beSt (special electronic mailbox for tax advisors).

Our bundles.
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Use eBO for legally compliant digital exchange with courts and see for yourself how easy and efficient it is to communicate with them. Whether you are an SMB or a large corporation, a union or an expert, we have an eBO package that is right for you.

eBO Basic Bundle
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per bundle/month*

139,00 €

per bundle/month*

Customised eBO package,
according to your needs

- Incl. 1 eBO mailbox + 1 user

- Incl. 2 eBO mailboxes + 3 users

- Incl. 3 eBO mailboxes + 5 users

We will be happy
to make you a
customised offer,
tailored to your personal

- Up to 500 e-mails per month
- Up to 1.000 e-mails per month
- Up to 2.000 e-mails per month

- Wide range of functions

- Connection to your mail server

- Connection to your mail server

- Connection to your mail server

- Customized pricing

- 200 MB max.
e-mail capacity
- 200 MB max. e-mail capacity
- 200 MB max. e-mail capacity

- Scalability

- Up to 1,000 attachments directly from Outlook
- Up to 1,000 attachments directly from Outlook
- Up to 1,000 attachments directly from Outlook
+ Support incl.
+ Support incl.
+ Support incl.

+ Additional users € 12.00 per month.

+ Additional users € 11.00 per month.

+ Additional users € 10.00 per month.


* You order your bundle at the specified monthly price, plus the currently applicable VAT and a one-time fee of €350.00 for the provisioning of the gateway. You will pay conveniently on an annual basis via invoice. The contract runs for 12 months and will automatically renew for another 12 months unless you cancel it 4 weeks before expiration.

Complete solution.

eBO access is set up with secure software and requires additional identification to use. Our FP Mentana Gateway gives you even more comprehensive access to the EGVP infrastructure. A plug-in then connects to the public directory service for the EGVP addresses and allows an electronic acknowledgment of receipt (eEB) to be displayed as a message.

By bundling multiple communication channels for all target groups, the FP Mentana Gateway is the secure corridor for transmitting information and documents to the courts. 

Want to sign contracts and other documents quickly, easily, and in a legally compliant manner?

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