Mail Processing

Understanding Communication.

Optimal management of business communications requires detailed knowledge of the processes and mechanisms within an organization, as well as outside of it, for example, when communicating with customers and other stakeholders. In addition, it is essential to have a basic understanding of the various media and channels through which communication takes place.

We develop the optimal management strategy for your corporate communications by providing comprehensive advice on the specifics of each form of communication.

Our headquarters are located in the renowned WISTA (Business and Science Location Adlershof) in Berlin, a dynamic district known for its pioneering spirit and leading role in the development of new digital technologies. Being surrounded by progress in this exciting environment inspires us and we are very proud to be actively shaping the future of digital communication and information processing in this vibrant space.

In the heart of this pulsating district, we offer our innovative Input Management, Output Management, and TransACTmail services to customers throughout Europe.

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Managing your outbound mail: From printing and stamping to handing off to carriers such as Deutsche Post AG.


Processing your inbound mail: We record, validate, and classify incoming information and feed the data into the channels intended for it.


Send real letters securely, affordably, and conveniently with the click of a button.

Our Digital Transformation Solutions

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In the case of simple routine tasks, process handling can lead to complete automation - for maximum quality assurance and significant cost savings.

/ The automation of a wide variety of processes reduces the workload for employees;
/ Checking and automating processes in a company improves the workflow;
/ The reduction of interfaces and automation significantly lowers the error rate;
/ Mailroom, house messenger and time-consuming processing are eliminated - which reduces costs. 


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Using state-of-the-art technology, we scan, capture, and import your information and documents using an omnichannel approach and handle a wide variety of file and document formats:

/ Mail, communication, information – all centrally managed and always at your fingertips;
/ Mountains of paper and full mailboxes are a thing of the past! The future of mail is digital;
/ Faster processing times for greater customer satisfaction and significantly less effort;
Dramatically reduce time and costs by better utilizing resources and eliminating sources of error.


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Use TransACTmail to send digital documents as letter mail from any workstation quickly, easily and cost-effectively. You no longer need to stock up on paper, envelopes and stamps and save on the entire postal process:

/ You save immediately and directly on material costs, as well as costs for printing, enveloping and franking;
/ We guarantee fast dispatch and therefore fast delivery of your important documents;
You no longer have to worry about the numerous steps involved in sending letters. The daily trip to the letterbox is also taken off your hands.


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"Wir drucken, kuvertieren und machen nicht mehr selbst frei und das ist eine große Erleichterung. Die FP DBS hat uns hier mit einem eigenen Projektteam und der zügigen Testdruckproduktion, inklusive der sehr schnellen Lieferung der Testdrucke an die BSR-Mitarbeitenden im Homeoffice sehr geholfen."

Christian Tietz, Berliner Stadtreinigung (BSR)