Legally compliant exchange of information and documents.

Efficient, simple, and fast with beBPo or EGVP.

beBPo – based on EGVP infrastructure.

The electronic mailboxes for government authorities and public institutions.

As of 2022, government authorities and public institutions are required to submit written pleadings to the courts as electronic documents in accordance with the German Regulation on Electronic Legal Transactions (ERV).

Since 2018, the special electronic mailbox for authorities (beBPo) is available to them for secure delivery. beBPo is based on the communication infrastructure of the electronic court and administration mailbox (EGVP), which enables the encrypted transmission of documents and files and has been in use since 2004. However, while both EGVP and De-Mail require qualified electronic signatures, beBPo does not. Instead, a VHN certificate (trusted proof of origin) uniquely authenticates the identity of the sender.

Secure identification by one of the beBPo test centers.

Automated message routing to departments and units via rule sets.

Multi-level encryption concept according to OSCI standard.

No qualified electronic signatures required.

Integrated acknowledgment mechanisms and test logs.

Easy transfer of large amounts of data possible.

Legally compliant archiving according to the TR-ESOR Technical Guideline possible.

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Complete solution.

With the FP Mentana Gateway and a plug-in, we connect the various communication channels EGVP, beBPo, eBO, and De-Mail to your existing email infrastructure. Once connected, you can continue to send and receive messages and attachments through your email client’s regular mailbox – behind the scenes, your information and electronic documents are automatically converted into the appropriate format and securely sent and delivered through the correct channel.


Get started. 
Your access to beBPo.

Do you want to use beBPo? Then first contact your responsible intermediary operator and request a beBPo account for your authority. Intermediaries are responsible for the “intermediate storage” of your messages – the servers act as virtual post offices; they are operated in public data centers in all federal states and at the federal level. Upon request, you will receive a software certificate and a SAFE ID from the operator. The sending and receiving software serves as a tool for transferring outbound messages to the intermediary and collecting inbound messages.

Your authority can be clearly identified via a beBPo checkpoint (organized by federal state; possible request from your highest authority) – your beBPo account will then be activated. Upon activation, you will also receive a VHN certificate (trusted proof of origin). This transport signature verifies your authority and is automatically attached to every transaction. Your beBPo is now ready to send and receive.

We will be happy to answer your questions and assist you in registering with beBPo or moving from EGVP. If you prefer a platform-independent communication solution, our FP Mentana Gateway is the right choice for you: After a one-time installation, you have full access to all communication channels and can send and receive all messages, including attachments, quickly and easily with your regular email program. 

"By connecting to beBPo, we not only save a lot of time, but also postage and paper. Our employees can work much more efficiently.” "

Iris Frohns, District of Hildesheim

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