From address verification to delivery confirmation.

Efficient shipping management with FP Parcel Shipping.

FP Parcel Shipping.

The transparent, all-in-one solution for your shipping needs.

With FP Parcel Shipping, you can organize and manage all your parcel shipments: Create shipping labels digitally by simply entering the recipient’s information and the dimensions and weight of the parcel. The application automatically checks the validity of the recipient’s address. The next step is to select your preferred service provider and parcel service: Here you can transparently compare all shipping options (including special rates) and decide on the fastest, cheapest, or most sustainable delivery offer (multi-carrier option).

The intuitive user interface makes both ordering and label printing easy. Once the parcel has been dispatched, continuous real-time tracking is available: You can view and manage all parcels currently in transit or delivered from your dashboard.

Cost savings: Exclusive discounts and special rates reduce the cost of your entire logistics and shipping management.

Alternative shipping options: Compare carriers and rates to find the best option for your parcel shipping needs.

Real-time tracking: Know the status, location, and history of your shipped parcels at all times – transparently and clearly accessible on your dashboard.

Optimized customer service: Your recipient automatically receives tracking and parcel information via email.

International shipping: Send your parcels and packages worldwide with FP Parcel Shipping labels.

Holistic concept.

The efficient platform solution for all process steps.

Streamline the entire parcel process for your business or administration with a single solution, from flexible and independent parcel label creation to real-time tracking and written acknowledgment of receipt. You and your recipients are always in the know: You can quickly and easily check the location and status of each parcel you send from your dashboard. Your recipients will also receive automated status notifications via email. Manage all your recipient information and addresses in a single address book, making label creation easier and faster. 

You benefit from conditions negotiated exclusively with our logistics partners, save twice as much on postage thanks to cost-effective routing, and eliminate the risk of lost packages. International shipping is also available. FP Parcel Shipping will prepare the appropriate customs forms and send them to the service provider of your choice. Set up automated workflows, analyze your management with detailed reports, and make lasting improvements to your logistics processes. 

Demand-driven offer.
FP Parcel Shipping is right for you. Guaranteed.

The cost of FP Parcel Shipping is based on your shipping volume. We offer different account levels with different volumes, depending on how many packages you ship on average per month. No special accessories are required other than the online application. You can also print the labels on a standard A4 printer. However, a label printer is recommended for increased parcel output. Only a scale is needed to determine the weight.

Want to track and manage your inbound parcels internally?

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